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First 6 Months Free; Then only $1.99 / Month

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Dynamic IP address got you down?

Link it to a free easy to remember hostname and never lose your connection again

Expired Pending Delete Domain List

Grab some nice domain names by searching the recently expired or going to be expired domain list. The list is updated daily..

Hosting at Home with Free Dynamic DNS

Your own domain name with our free dynamic DNS service, you can host web sites, E-Mail or FTP servers at home without extra costs.

We provide the most completed E-Mail solutions for your business

Mail Relay Outbound ( the outgoing SMTP email service for sending emails)

    Enhance your email deliverability / Reliable outbound SMTP for emails / Go around blocked SMTP port 25 problem

Mail Relay Service
smart host for your inhouse exchange servers
outgoing SMTP for Fax machines/Copiers/Printers/Voice systems
outgoing SMTP for web sites or applications
outgoing SMTP for your email clients like Outlook/Thunderbird
plan starts at $1.50/month

E-Mail Hosting ( get email addresses for your own domain)

    POP and IMAP + SMTP Relay / Unlimited email addresses / Unlimited email fowards / With webmail access

Email Hosting Service
alternate SMTP port 2525 for outbound emails
auto response or vacation message for all emails
anti spam / virus protection + greylisting option to fence off Spam
real time creation of mailboxes
plan starts at $19.95/domain/year

Email Marketing Relay ( Boost your sales by actively connected with your customers )

    The only Email Marketing Tool not limited by number of subscribers or contacts

Email Marketing
not limited by the number of subscribers or contacts that you can sent to
we provide the SMTP server for you to send emails
send emails directly from your email clients like Outlook/Thunderbird, or through programs.
no problems for Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail/Outlook addresses
plan starts at $5.99/month for 10K emails/month

E-Mail Backup + Rescue ( never let your emails down )

    Served as secondary MX for your domain / Access each individual mailbox even when your MX is down

Email Backup Rescue Service
unlimited storeage space and mailboxes under your domain
access your emails using Webmail or POP/IMAP while your own MX is down.
store your emails for 30 days and can be extended under request.
reduce 80% of Spam emails to your server when put the backup at monitoring mode
flat rate for only $19.99/domain/year

E-Mail Redirection ( go around blocked inbound SMTP port 25 by ISP )

    Served as primary MX for your domain / Redirect emails to a mail server running at alternate SMTP port

if you ISP blocks inbound SMTP port 25 and still want to host your own mail server.
redirect your emails to non-standard SMTP ports
allow your to run your own email server even under dynamic IP
will also serve as backup MX for your mail server while you can access your emails using Webmail or POP/IMAP while your mail server is down.
flat rate for only $24.99/domain/year

E-Mail Forwarding ( forward your domain emails to existing mail addresses )

    Served as primary MX for your domain / Simply forwarding your domain emails to existing addresses

Email Forwarding Service
present a professional appearance using your domain for e-mail.
for example, we can forward to an existing email address such as
plan start at $6.99/domain/year

More services for your domains

Web Hosting ( e-mail hosting included)
WordPress WordPress Drupal
Web Hosting Service
1 GB disk space
unlimited email addresses with webmail access
support PHP/CGI/Perl/Python/MySQL
1 click installation of Wordpress/DruPal/Joomla
Plan starts with $2.95/month

Dynamic DNS Service ( free for all top level domains)
get remote desktop access at static name
run web, FTP, Email server at home under dynamic IP
100% free for all domain
free secondary level domains available
Free with $0.00/domain/year

URL Fowarding ( forward your domains to existing sites )
unlimited hosts (subdomains), unlimited targets.
cloaking option to hide out real web site address.
customized Meta Tags for your URL to assist searching engines.
forwarding to both https and http are supported.
$6.99/domain/year (free for domains registered with us)

DNS Failover + Monitoring ( automatically fail over to backup IP )
automatically switch your server to backup IP
monitoring your server and notify you by email if there is problems
get option to restore to its original IP a

Are you convinced ?

To use any service, just sign up an account first; then login and click on Start Services button and choose the service to sign up.

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